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Healthy School Prevent Avian Influenza (預防禽流感)(H7N9)

Prevent Avian Influenza (H7N9)

Recently, there were several confirmed human cases of avian influenza A(H7N9) in mainland China. So far, no human cases of influenza A(H7N9) infection were recorded in Hong Kong. Because of the above cases, the HKSAR government issued the notice to prevent avian influenza (Notice):

To prevent avian influenza, please kindly advise your children to observe strict hand hygiene and avoid touching mouth, nose or eyes. Wash hands frequently with liquid soap, especially before handling food or eating, after going to toilet, or when hands are dirtied by respiratory secretion after coughing or sneezing. In addition, the following measures are also advised:

For children/staff with recent history of travel (especially to affected  areas with avian influenza outbreaks) and have contact with poultry, they should wear a mask and consult doctors promptly if they have flu-like symptoms, and inform the doctor of their exposure history. The affected children should avoid returning to schools. You may wish to note that CHP has issued guidelines (Details of guidelines) to school on prevention of communicable diseases. More information on avian Influenza is available at the following websites:

***Parents and students please keep an eye on our school web and Intranet in order to get the latest precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Avian Influenza in our school.

預防禽流感 (H7N9)

近日,中國境內錄得多宗甲型禽流感(H7N9)確診個案,而香港至今並沒有錄得人類感染該症的個案。香港政府特此發出了預防禽流感措施的通告 (詳情):



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