Sister School


Our school has formed sister school pairs with Zhejiang Normal University Affiliated Middle School and Ningbo No.2 Middle School in 2012 and 2016, respectively. Through exchange and collaboration among the sister schools and students, our network has been expanded. Our students have the opportunities to experience learning in the sister schools and explore the local communities through site visits. Students’ understanding of education on the Mainland, cultural interflow and bonding with Mainland cities are well developed.


Past Activities

Visits to the sister schools as well as from the sister schools have been organized. Our students have been offered valuable chances to experience learning in different schools. To enhance friendship and bonding, students played game balls and visited the local landmarks together with friends from the Mainland. Before the visits, our students prepared handmade souvenirs such as bookmarks and key chains to show their heartfelt welcome and gratitude for their friends.



2022/23 Visit to Ningbo No.2 High School

Group photo with students and teacher of Ningbo No.2 High School


Mr. LO, Assistant Principal, (right) exchanges souvenirs with Ms. ZHOU, Assistant

Principal of Ningbo No.2 High School (left)



Our students actively interact with the students of sister school


Students of the two schools exchange ideas on Hangzhou Asian Games in a seminar


Students of the two schools engage in a friendly basketball match



2023/24 Visit to Jinghua, High School Affiliated to Zhejiang Normal University

The delegates of Heung Chung and sister school greet each other at the discussion forum.


Secretary TONG Zhibin and Assistant Principal LO exchange souvenirs in the welcoming ceremony.


The bright smile of the participants foreshadows a fruitful exchange between the two schools.


Our students listen attentively to the explanation about the history and artifacts related to the sister school in the School Museum.


Our teachers and students experience the learning environment of our sister school in the 1960s in the School Museum.


Our students interact with the robot cheerfully at the Maker Lab in the sister school.


Our students try to control the robot dog at the AI Laboratory in the sister school.


Our students participate in the grand national flag-raising ceremony in the sister school.     


Students listen to the talk under the national flag after the national flag-raising ceremony.


The Visual Art teacher demonstrates the skills of Chinese calligraphy.


Our students write the words “Long Live for Friendship” to express their best wish for the exchange programme with the sister school.


The students of Heung Chung and the sister school take a group photo in the school garden.


Secretary TONG patiently introduces the produce recently harvested to our students.


Our students seriously practice Chinese martial art during the physical education


The students of the two schools interact in harmony.


Before leave, the teachers and students of the two schools take a group photo in front of the School Museum, wishing they meet again in the immediate future. (Principal ZHOU Jinping (front fourth) and TONG Zhibin (front left six))