The school strives to provide students with all round education to inspire them to become responsible citizens and to be enthusiastic learners, developing their potential to the fullest extent so that they may cope with the challenge of the fast-changing world.




  • To furnish students with academic knowledge and skills needed for functioning in a highly technological and informational society.
  • To help students develop their creative, critical and analytical thinking and their ability to make rational and independent decisions.
  • To encourage students to utilize their knowledge, reasoning powers and problem solving skills for work and study.
  • To help student develop their ability to communicate effectively in oral and written Chinese and English.


Personal and Physical

  • To promote students' mental and physical health with good balance in order that they may pursue a happy life.
  • To develop students' cultural and recreational interests and guide them in making full use of their leisure time.
  • To help students learn about themselves and develop a positive, realistic self-image and an assertion for their roles in the family and the community.


Social and Moral

  • To encourage students to develop an understanding of and concern for their community, and an appreciation for their cultural heritage.
  • To encourage students to develop social skills, leadership qualities, and a sense of responsibility for and commitment to the community.
  • To help students develop a sense of moral and social values.





  • To help students identify their areas of cultural, musical and aesthetic interests and expertise and develop their ability of appreciation.
  • To provide students with opportunities for aesthetic experience and help them develop their creativity and foster their aesthetic awareness.