Executive Committee Members (2023/2024)

Post Name of Member Category
Chairperson Ms. CHAN Suk-ha Karen Parent
Vice-Chairperson Ms. CHAN Wai-ching Belain Parent
Vice-Chairperson Mr. YUEN Kwong-yip Teacher
Secretary Ms. NG Pui-shan Parent
Secretary Ms. PAN Xu-bin Teacher
Treasurer Ms. KAN Ho-yan Kylie Parent
Treasurer Ms. NG Ching-han Parent
General Affairs Ms. LI Ping Parent
General Affairs Ms. MAK Sui-fong Parent
General Affairs Ms. YAU Kuen Parent
General Affairs Mr. TO Siu-wing Teacher
General Affairs Ms. HUNG Chi-yan Teacher
Public Relationship Mr. SHAM Wing-kit Parent
Public Relationship Ms. KWONG Sze-nga Cherry Parent
Public Relationship Mr. LO Wai-yan Teacher
Public Relationship Ms. WONG Mui-fan Teacher
Recreation Ms. CHEN Li-jun Parent
Recreation Ms. LIU Jia Maggie Parent
Recreation Mr. KWOK Wing-man Teacher
Recreation Ms. LO Wing-yee Teacher
Volunteer Auditor Ms. CHAN Yee-han Parent


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