Career and Life Planning


The Career and Life Planning Team aims to provide students with information, guidance and assistance in career development and further education. We strive to help students develop their own academic and career aspiration in accordance with their interest, abilities and orientations, and encourage them to make informed choice on their learning, occupations, careers goals as well as other aspects of life. We also aim to increase students' readiness for work and enhance their understanding on employability of different professions through a wide exposure to work-related issues and careers-related learning experiences.


Teachers of Career and Life Planning Committee (2023/2024)

Career and Life Planning Mistress:

Ms FUNG Pui-fun


Deputy Career and Life Planning Mistress:

Ms CHEUNG Chui-hung

Deputy Career and Life Planning Mistress:

Ms PANG Sze-wan


Ms LAU Shuk-wa

Ms LO Wing-yee

Ms WONG Ching-yu

Ms WONG Lai-chun

Mr YUEN Chun-wai